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Welcome to Rubicon

Rubicon's purpose is to provide competent counseling services in accordance with DAODAS and DHEC principles.

All information provided to Rubicon by our clients is confidential, and will not be released to anyone without the express written consent of the client and/or his or her parent or guardian, or as required by law.

What is a "Rubicon"?

If you are wondering what a "Rubicon" is, it is a real place.

The Rubicon is a small river which served as the boundary of Northern Italy in ancient Europe. It was that river that the great Julius Caesar crossed in 49 BC, a crossing that became an act of war, and eventually led to his ascension to Emperor of the entire Roman Empire. When he crossed it, he knew he could not turn back.

Over the years, the phrase, "to cross the Rubicon" has come to mean a decisive act that is irreversible. Our clients come to us with problems that are too large and complex to be handled alone, problems that create confusion, distress, and family crises. We hope our name, "Rubicon" will inspire them to make decisions about their lives that will lead to a healthy and well-adjusted lifestyle, and from which they will not "turn back."